3 Style Combinations for the Groom and the Groomsmen – Suit and Tux Rental Wooster, OH


Tux Rental Wooster, OH

  • 1) A Different Color Tux or Suit for the Groom

    Go with a style that creates some contrast by choosing a color that's different from the groomsmen. Still look to keep some consistency by matching different elements of your outfit, like ties.

  • 2) Same Color Tux or Suit With a Different Shade

    Tone down the contrast a little while keeping consistency with your groomsmen by choosing the same color, but a slightly different shade.

  • 3) Mix and Match Different Elements of Your Ensemble

    Have a little fun and create a unique, yet, stylish look. Try pairing pants with a different color coat. Match ensemble accessories among your groomsmen like vests, ties, and pocket squares.

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