3 Things You Can Do to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding – Suit and Tux Rental Wooster, OH


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  • 1) The Dance Floor

    A great place for kids to release all their energy, after the ceremony, is the dance floor! Ask your deejay to include kid-friendly music on the playlist. You may even consider a separate dance floor specifically for kids.

  • 2) Activity Zone

    Create a space with board games, arts & crafts, puzzles, and other activities to keep kids entertained. Reach out to friends and family, they may be able to bring some of these items.

  • 3) Offer a Kids' Meal and Table

    Make mealtime easy for the kids with menu items like pizza, macaroni, and chicken nuggets. Fill a table with crayons and craft paper to keep kids seated and engaged during mealtime.

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