Do I need an appointment to have photos taken?

Yes, although if you call and we are not busy we would be So Happy to take your Photos.

How far will you go to take photos?

As far as you would like to pay us to.

Can our pets be photos?

Yes, we love pets of all kinds.

How long is a tuxedo rental for?

You pick it up on Thursday the week you need it and bring it back on Monday after.

Is there a late fee if I don't bring it back on Monday?

Yes, it varies depending on which Tuxedo you rented.

What happens if I damage a Tuxedo?

We do offer a damage waiver that you can buy.  It is $10.00 and it covers most damage.  If you do not choose to get the waiver and you damage the Tuxedo, you have to pay to replace the piece that is damaged.

What is included in a Tuxedo Rental?

A complete Tuxedo from Liberty Studios includes: Coat, Shirt, Pants, Shoes and Vest and Tie.

Can I rent just pieces of a Tuxedo?


Can we rent a Tuxedo for a cruise?