The Senior Experience



Mini $110.00

Outside $210.00

Classic $225.00

Yearbook $60.00

All Senior Experience Packages Include:

- Setting. Location and Driving Fees (within 30 miles)
- Proofs (shots) on Flash Drive
(ready to be picked 5 days after your Experience)
- Fun for the Senior, Family/Friends.
- 1-8x10 Finished Print
- Yearbook Photo will be emailed to school.

How Do You Want to Receive Your Photos?

Finished Prints: $25.00 per sheet

1-8x10 or 2-5x7 or 4-3x5 or 8-wallets = 1 Sheet
1-11x14 $55.00 1-16x20 $85.00

Single Files Emailed or on Flash Drive: $40.00 per finished file.

Flash Drive: All files on flash drive with letter giving you the option to printanywhere. These files have not been corrected. $100 $50


June 2019
Pay for the Experience and get the
Flash Drive for Half Price.
(Must have photos taken and paid for in
June 2019)